Answer Key Questions With Segmentation Report

Attracting Core Customers

Are you attracting customers that can be cultivated into becoming core customers?


Are you effectively cultivating the customers that you attract so that they eventually enter your core segments?

Retaining Core Customers

Are you retaining your core customers and continuing to provide them with the value they are seeking?

Revenue Concentration

Is your revenue concentrated in too few parts of your customer base?

Revenue Growth Foundation

Core Customers

Core customers provide a foundation for revenue growth because they provide predictable revenue, they are promoters of your brand, and every additional purchase by core customers results in a higher ROI on acquisition spend.

Predictable Revenue

Core customers have a strong purchase history giving you the ability to forecast demand to make smarter business decisions.

Customer Led Promotion and Brand Building

Core customers are your most loyal, raving fans. They’ll bring in new customers through referrals, reviews, and their own content.

Increasingly More Profitable Growth

Every additional purchase gives you a higher ROI on your initial acquisition spend.

Worth up to 10x their purchase amount

With data from actual ecommerce brands, we've found a consistent trend, Core Customers prove their value. 

Identify Segments and Core Customers

Use buying behavior to segment customers

The buying behavior analysis will segment customers into the following segments:


Champions are your most engaged customers who have been with you the longest and have the highest lifetime value. 

Big Spenders

Big Spenders have significantly higher average order value than the rest of the customer base.


Loyalists purchase on a regular cadence.


Promising customers have purchased more than once, but it is not regular.

New Customers

New customers are just that. They've placed one order but haven't ordered again but have not been a customer for very long.

Low Value

Low Value customers have a very low average order value and a low order frequency.



Champions big spenders


Big Spenders



promising customers



new customers New Customers poor


Low Value

Group Segments into Core, Potential Core, and Low Value Customers

The customers who belong to the "Champion, Big Spenders and Loyalists" segments are your "Core Customers". 

Core Customers

  • Champions
  • Big Spenders
  • Loyalists

Potential Core Customers

  • Promising
  • New Customers

Low Value

  • Low Value Customers


  • Lost Core Customers
  • Lost Potential Core Customers

Customer Cultivation

Switch your focus to Customer Cultivation

Rather than trying to get the most revenue from each customer, focus on getting the most customers producing consistent revenue. Whatever consistency looks like for that customer.


Use your understanding of your core customer base to attract people who have the potential to be nurtured into the high-value core segment.


Nurture your potential core customers by providing the value that they’re seeking from your product and providing timely relevant messaging.


As they continue to grow and become part of your core segment, give them an exceptional experience that turns them into raving fans that attract new potential core customers.



Our Process for Finding your Customer Cultivation Strategy

Customer Segmentation Report

Answers these key questions:

  • Am I attracting people who will become my core customers?
  • Am cultivating those that I attract so that they enter my core segments?
  • Am I retaining my core customers and continuing to provide them with the value they’re seeking?
  • Is my revenue too concentrated in a few parts of my customer base?


Buying Behavior Analysis Deep Dive

3 sessions with our
Ecommerce Data Specialists

  • Session 1 - Customer Cultivation and Your Business
  • Session 2 - Strategy Workshop
  • Session 3 - Your Customer Cultivation Strategy and Short Term, Mid-Term, Long-Term Priorities

SegLogic & Analysis Refresh

SegLogic Product

SegLogic is a product of Unific that updates your customer's segment in your CRM whenever it needs to be changed.


Analysis Refresh

Recurring review of the impact of the changes in your business on your customers’ buying behavior.

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